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Katona József Könyvtár / Katona József Library
Kecskemét, Hungar
6000 Kecskemét, Piaristák tere 8.

The beautiful market town of Kecskemét is the county town of Bacs Kiskun and is situated about 80 kilometres south of the Hungarian capital, Budapest, in the centre of the Great Plain.

Kecskemét is well served by public transport - both trains and buses. Journey time is about one and a half hours by both train and bus. The Bus and Train station in Kecskemét are right beside each other and about a 15 minute walk to the studio. The studio is in the city centre, about 5 minutes from the main square of the town.

Arriving by air to Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport

Budapest is served by most of the major airlines or their partners. Every major European airport is only 1 - 3 hours away and offer direct flights to Hungary. Which terminal you arrive at depends on which countries you are flying from.

Terminal 2A
All international airlines flying from a country within the Schengen Treaty area.
There are currently 25 signatory countries to the Schengen Treaty - Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland.

Terminal 2B
All international flights flying direct from a non-Schengen treaty country.

There are several budget airlines now flying into Budapest from many European cities. These include:

Please check their individual websites for more information.

Travel to Kecskemét from Budapest airport

Train from Ferihegy Station
You can easily reach Kecskemét from the Ferihegy Railway Stationrail (at the now closed old airport terminal 1). Two platforms are connected with a pedestrian footbridge equipped with lifts above the road. So you can travel directly to the Kecskemet studio by train without having to first go to the city centre. There are direct trains to Kecskemét every hour and the journey takes about 75 minutes. Tickets can be can be bought on the platform (automated machine) or on the train from the ticket inspector.

When you arrive into terminal 2 you can travel to Ferihegy on the bus 200E or use a taxi for short distance.

Bus from Budapest
Buses to Kecskemét leave Budapest from NÉPLIGET.
Népliget can be reached by the Blue Metro Line.You may find the bus the easiest way to get to Kecskemét. There is an English speaking desk if required. The fast bus uses the motorway and reaches Kecskemét in about 75 minutes.

for information please email:
Steve Mattison, International Ceramics Studio

magyar nyelvű változata hamarosan

Kormos Emese, Nemzetközi Kerámia Stúdió

Nemzetközi Kerámia Stúdió - International Ceramics Studio
Kápolna u.11. Kecskemét 6000, Hungary