Colour and Texture on Woodfired, Saltglazed Porcelain
with PETER MASTERS (Australia)

A two week course for building large scale porcelain work and creating colour and surface variation with wood/soda firing.

3rd - 16th May 2004

"I use porcelain in an extended way - that is I use it firstly on a relatively large scale and secondly I wood and soda fire with all the complexity of surface colours" - Peter Masters

Pictures from the course

Peter Masters discussing glazes and colour with the participants

Irins Guerman from Siberia, Russia stoking the first salt firing

Sandra Torres (Mexico) salting the kiln

Salting the second firing

Helgs Wislowski looking at the results

Sandra and Peter discussing the results as the kiln is unpacked

Group discussion after the first firing is unpacked

Irina stoking the second kiln

Peter Masters salting the second firing

Checking the cones

Irina examines the results from the second firing

Helga with one of her pieces

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