- 29th April, 2004
A symposium dedicated to ceramic musical instruments

Participating artists:

Marian Ban , Szilvia Haber, Gabriella Kuzse, Anita Elek, Agota Mora, Tunde Farago and Maris Redly from Hungary, Nurtac Cakar (Turkey), Ann Charlotte Ohlsson (Sweden), Steve Mattison (UK), Gheorghe and Judit Craciun (Romania), Sandra Torres (Mexico) and Irina Guerman (Russia)

< Andersen Bells by Sandra Torres (Mexico)

Following the successful Sound of the Clay symposia in 2002 and 2003, a third symposium to extend and build on the experiences was held in Kecskemét. This year's symposium had the theme of Hans Christian Andersen to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Denmark's famous writer of children's stories in 2005

Marian Ban discussing ceramic whistles

Demonstrating whistle makeing

Symposium visits the Leskowsky Collection of Musical Instruments

Anne Marie Ostergaard, a leading expert on Andersen talks about his life and works

Nurtac Cakar and Petr ?? playing traditional Turkish string instruments

Ann Charlotte Ohlsson (Sweden) woring on her poscelain flutes

Gabriella Kuzsel and Szilvia Haber working in the studio garden

Ceramic lutes by Tünde Faragó (Hungary)

"In a Thousand Years . . " ceramic whistle by Steve Mattison (UK)

Surrealist flutes by Gheorghe Craciun (Romania)

Erhling Ostergaard, Director of the Danish Institute in Hungary, opens the exhibition

Porcelain flutes and rattles by Ann Charlotte Ohlsson