with guest artists Antal András (Hungary) and Steve Mattison (UK)

A three week A Meeting Masters program exploring DIGITAL IMAGING, DIRECT CERAMIC PRINTING AND RAKU FIRING

27th June - 22nd July, 2005

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The work of Antal András uses a variety of direct printing techniques into soft clay. His process involves drawing and sketching from source material, usually landscape in origin, transferring the drawn image to lino blocks and impressing the surface of his work with the image. The result is then painted using several glazes before raku firing. The plates and sculptures he produces using this technique are fine and precise, with the etched images creating a drawn filigree of intricate lines.


Steve Mattison works in both Raku and Soda glaze techniques, making brightly coloured and laminated vessels and figurative sculpture. He is a leading expert in raku techniques and live flame firings. In recent years he has also been making graphic images using photography and computer imaging software to created original works suitable for paper or ceramic.

The Meeting Masters workshops dealt with the follwoing techniques and processes:

  • The use of computer technology for image creation.
  • Digital photography, scanning and image manipulation in Photoshop.
  • Lino cut technique and impressed ceramics. Techniques of making glazes, kilns and raku firing.

Antal Andras (Hungary)
Steve Mattison (UK)
Helga Wisloczki (Hungary)
Peter Lendvai (Hungary)

Click here to see images of the works created during the Master Classes