International Ceramics Studio
Artists in Residence

Staff and Students

A month program for Staff and Students from one of Americs'a most influential ceramic institutions.

During the month students were based at ICS and worked on threir own ceramics as well as a full organised program of lectures, slide presentations, field trip and museum visits organised by

> Cary Esser, Head of Ceramics, KCAI

Follow the links below to the images of some of the program and to read about their experiences.


First week studio pictures
>> click here

George Timock's birthday >> click here

János Probstner
Slip trailing demonstration
>> click here
Jona Gudvardardottir
Lecture on contemporary ceramics collection and tour of cellars >> click here
Visit to the private Bozso Collection of Hungarian crafts
>> click here
Second week studio pictures
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Sándor Dobány
Plaster work demonstration
>> click here
Church of the Holy Spirits in Paks
>> click here
Zsolnay Porcelain Factory in Pecs
>> click here
Sandor Somogyi
Ocarina demonstration >> click here
Salt kiln firing >> click here
Third week studio pictures >> click here
Gabor Varga
Traditional Hungarian pottery
>> click here
Maria Geszler
Silk printing on raw clay >> click here

Staff and students at the world's largest porcelain manufactory - Herend
>> click here

Tihany and Lake Balaton
>> click here

Last day >> click here Gabor Varga's puppet show
a day in the life of a studio >> click here
  Students writing about the studio and their Hungarian experiences >> click here
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Some websites to visit for more information

Imre Makovecz
the website of the architect of the Church of the Holy Spirits in Paks
website of the porcelain factory in Pecs
Herend Porcelanium
website of the worlds largest porcelain factory still handpainting all their works