Ceramics Studio



International Ceramic Symposium

5th - 29th July, 2005

Central Europe has a srong and lively tradition of painted ceramics using coloured slips. This symposium aims to widen this perspective and to feature the variety of painted surfaces on ceramic forms.

participating artists
Thomas Orr (USA) - Program leader
Maria Baumgartner (Austria)
Barbara Reisinger (Austria)
Marjan Beussen (Netherlands)
Jim Leedy (USA)
Eric Nicholls (USA)
Aimee Cofer (USA)

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Curator Maria Geszler summarized the conceptual background of the symposium as follows:

"I deeply feel the significance of the traditions of our European culture, the role of navigation in transmission of cultures from ancient times up till now. From a sculptural point of view its shell form, positive and negative hollows and structure including the magic of adventure, distance and discovery is extremely interesting. The topic also fascinates me from the point of of ideas: the form connects continents, buti t also means the life, the way and navigation in Hades, the bays of mortality. Or as if we were just standing in the middle of calm ocean and the everlasting and passing time would storm around us."

participating artists
Maria Geszler (Hungary) - Program Leader
Mei Chen Hua (Taiwan)
Jona Gudvardardottir
Gudrun Klix (Australia)

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