6th - 28th September, 2006

A Masterclass program led by JAMES TISDALE (USA) and JOE BOVA (USA) creating sculpture through the marriage of human form and iconography.

Participants will focus on the process of developing narrative sculpture through the marriage of the human form and icons that express personal, religious and or political views of each participant. We will explore how to develop one's vocabulary of images, as well as, the construction of the human anatomy. These works will then be finished through a process of layering stains, slips and various glazes through multiple firings.

"My work is directly influenced by my family, my religion and my roots in Mississippi. It is impacted by both the beauty and the ugliness of that region's traditions, trappings and teachings. The work is not to beseige the world in great revelations, nor to change the views of others. Its intention is to establish an understanding and order of the influences that have shaped and molded my thoughts, beliefs and actions to the world around me. It is a language of expressions which reveals issues that, while perhaps simplistic, are difficult for me to express through words. Through these avenues, I try to understand what it means to be human. Simply stated, my work is a visual journal, an alternative to words."

James Tisdale gratuated from University of Mississippi and gained his Masters at the UNversity of Georgia, USA in 1988. He has been artist in residence at the Clay Studio, Philadelphia, Archie Bray Foundation, Mntana, The Penland School of Arts and Crafts and here in Kecskemét.

He has been visiting professor of ceramics at University of Texas, Austin Community College, University of Georgia and the University of Mississippi. He is currently the Ceramics Program Co-ordinator at the Austin Museum of Art (School of Ceramics), Texas, USA.

In 2004 he was the winner of the NCECA Residency Award. His work is in numerous public collections and he exhibits widely.


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