1 - 19 October, 2007

“As white as jade, as thin as paper, bright as a mirror and resonant as a chime,” a Chinese poet aptly describes the ceramic world’s most sought after material - porcelain. The exquisite beauty of this material discovered in China over 1000 years ago has made the word ‘China’ synonymous with fine porcelain.

Hungary has a long tradition with fine porcelain and one of the ten world's best porcelain factories, Herend, still operates successfully making high quality, hand-painted porcelain.

Our guest artists come from three different porcelain traditions - oriental hand thrown work with simple glayes, the western tradition of thrown forms with vigorous, contemporary glayed decoration and the slip cast and handbuilt traditions of Hungarian designer artists.

A rare opportunity to work alongside three acknowledged masters of porcelain. During the three week program there will be opprotunities to visit the Herend factory and also the Zsolnay factory, reknown for its 'eosin' lustre glazed porcelains.

Invited guest artists include:

GREG DALY, Australia. a world expert on glazes and lustre wares.

TAKASHI YASUDA (Japan-UK) and acknowledged master of thrown porcelain.

BABOS PALMA (Hungary). One of Hungary's leading porcelain artists, working on both her own individual pieces and designing for factories.


Costs of participation
Self catering accommodation in single room is 189,000 Hungarian Forints for the three week program. Additional charges are made for the materials and firings that you use.

Please see the price list page for details of material costs etc. Also links to Currency Converter website for current currency exchange rates

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