1 - 19 October , 2007

takashi yasuda


Takeshi Yasuda is one of the most celebrated potters working in Europe today. Born in Tokyo, he was apprenticed to the Daisei-Gama pottery in Mashiko between 1963-66, and established his first studio there.  He settled in Britain in 1973, combining his creative work with teaching for Art Schools and Universities across the UK.

- - -

He has held a number of teaching positions and was Professor of Applied Arts at the University of Ulster. His work can be seen in many national collections worldwide. Yasuda's work is thrown and has a tactile quality that retains the soft malleable nature of the clay and is a fresh interpretation of creamware. His work has sensitivity unique to Oriental ceramics, and Yasuda draws on this to produce pieces that are not just concerned with design or functionality but with the way a pot can generate and be part of ritual. His palette is puritan in colour and the fluid shapes are decorated with softly dented surfaces and occasional slip trailing which offers unlimited tactile sensation. The mixture of control and ease, the casual and formal make Yasuda's work so appealing.

- - -

Takashi currently serves as the Director of the Pottery Workshop Experimental Factory in Jingdezhen, China. Takeshi has taught as a Visiting Professor at the China Academy of Art, Hangzhou PRC, at New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University, and he has presented lectures and held workshops in many colleges all over the world.

- - -

Professor Takeshi Yasuda, has recently been appointed Research Fellow and the Royal College of Art in London and is currently working on a design commission for a  range of table wear for the restaurant in the newly built Middlesborough Institute of Modern Art.

Takeshi Yasuda exhibits widely and has work in public and private collections both abroad and in the UK, including the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

During this two program, participants will experience Takeshi's unique techniques and style for making his thrown work. Along with his virtuosity in handling clay, he is well known for his individual and highly personal tableware. Takeshi will share his philosophies and influences, and present a lecture on his work.


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