16th April - 4th May, 2007

akio takamori


Each era has its own designers of dreams. They are the artists-leaders, who determine the stylistic direction, vision and expressions of form. Only a man of experience with a professional and cognitive resolution can realize and do all he is able to. And there appears a significant paradox-the pressures and limitations forced onto the artist by the environment, circumstances of fate, which create a spiteful perseverance and give him a strongly radiated field of energy. Even in bad and extremely hard times, Peters Martinsons is one of those whose life and work opens up new cultural horizons.

- - -

From the tradition, Martinsons was able to take the essential - the creator growing together with his medium. Later on he created his work using different techniques, but always respecting the ancient potter's lifestyle and ethic-to be a part of the whole creative cycle-from the selection of material, preparation to firing the kiln, and understanding the mysteries of glazing. All Martinsons's creations, his children, as he calls them, belong to, fit in and match one family.

"We have kilns fired with wood. The presence of living fire. If the artist befriends his medium and fire, then it is reciprocated. I don't think that my work is sterile, it is an answer to my love and wish to be understood."

Peteris creates thin porcelain slabs with patterned textures on the slabroller and with porcelain slip poured on plaster slabs, handbuilt into sculptural objects and occasionally for functional objects, cups, vases ,containers etc. Much of his work is fired in wood kins with soda or salt glaze adding a warmth and glow to the surface. Final decoration is with on-glaze enamel and lustres.

- - -

I have a special interest in porcelain slabbuilt objects with relief textured patterns. I use porcelain sometimes coloured with underglazes or on glaze enamels but also uncoloured to make full use of the translucent qualities of this wonderful material. I sometimes use electric lights inside to enhance these qualities.

His slide lectures will show not only his works but also the work of colleagues and other symposiums he has attended. He actively organises ceramic symposiums in his native Latvia, now at the Zvartava Artists Colony and previously at the Dzintari Artists Union house. He is a regular traveller, recently returning from several months trekking in the Andes and South America. (Latvia), Honolulu, Hawaii (USA) Walbrzych (Poland) and others.


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