Woodfiring symposium
16th April - 4th May, 2007

Three weeks of practical explorations of wood fired ceramics and a one day seminar presentation by symposium members.

The increase in the number of potters and ceramic artists firing with wood has been dramatic in recent years. The challenge and effort creates a bond between artists for whom the artistic aesthetic is a unique experience. Some potters will seek the subtle flashing and quiet blush of the flame in contrast to the heavy ash deposits bearing the evidence of prolonged intensity of fire. Others accentuate clay and glaze surfaces combining wood with salt or soda effects. The commonality for all wood firers is an attraction, and possible addiction, to the intimate relationship between the artist and the creative process of the fire.

Invited artists include:
Click on the names to see the artists and their works.


Participating artists
to be confirmed

At the International Ceramics Studio we have six different types of wood firing kilns, offering a wide variety of possible effects and experiences. Click on the kilns below for pictures and information on each one.

The wood we use is Acacia, known here as the Hungarian Oak, a hard wood which gives beautiful yellow green ash deposits. It's already cut to size for the various kins and is seasoned at least two years before we use it.

The cost of participating in this program is 189,000 Hungarian Forints and this includes your accommodation in a single room with shared facilities on a self catering basis, your studio space and all fees. It does not include the cost of materials and firings you use which will be charged depending on how much you use. Please email Steve at for an application form or if you have any questions.

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