Sculpture to Wear Contemporary Ceramic Jewellery
12th - 30th July, 2010

Hildur Yr Jónsdóttir

I think I can say quit simply, that my life in general thrives as a maker and artist.

Wondering about different things.

Many people say that I am very curious, and I am. For me that is a positive thing, this curiosity leads me into unexpected paths. It surprises me.

The unexpected and the search for my own ways with materials keeps my curiosity and joy of making ongoing.When working rhythms have to be quite fast, not knowing totally the end result is a part of my working methods.

Coming from a Volcanic Island, living with unspoiled nature in my back garden, has also had great influence on me. It is my source of energy and inspiration.

Organic shapes, so beautiful, cruel, even terrifying and ugly, colourful and colourless all around.


International Ceramics Studio
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