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Fire Magic Symposium 2001
Firing Fred Olsen's Fire Magic kiln
A 42hour firing - the first 24 hours to get to temperature and the rest holding it 1320c for ultimate ash build up on the work.

1. A healthy woodpile -Acat, the Hungarian oak.

2. Starting the fire in one firebox at 6pm.

3. During the evening time for a little relaxing and talking.

4. Gentle firing for the first 12 hours. The kiln is wet and the work is damp.

5. Discussions well into the night.

6. The night shift. Slowly firing throughout the night, no more than 300 degrees until 6am.

7. Six in the morning, 308 centigrade, and the next shift takes over. Fred Olsen will be controlling the firing until the kiln reaches temperature.

8. Heavy rain during the night and makeshift canopies have been erected. The kiln gently steams at 6am.

9. Fred is leading the stoking. Throughout the day various teams work alongside him at the two fireboxes.

10. Dull red in the fireboxes.

11. Young Moon splits the wood.

12. Olsen contemplates the kiln.

13. Checking the cones.

14. Students take notes and keep the kiln log.

15. Into the afternoon and the rain is still falling.

16. Bernd and Kim working on one of the fireboxes.

17. Still stoking. Now with pine to get the heat.

18. 1100 degrees and still rising.

19. The afternoon's firing team.

20. Bernd on firebox number one.

21. Olsen on firebox 2.

22. Gyorgy Fusz stoking firebox 2.

23. Galina Georgieva stoking firebox number 1.

24. Olsen and Bernd check the cones in firebox 1.

25. The cones are down. 1320 degrees and it's 10pm.

26. Now that temperature has been reached, Olsen begins to alter the flame paths through the kiln. All four dampers are open.

27. Three dampers open on the triple chimney and the single chimney is closed. The flames reach 3 metres into the sky.

28. Olsen directs the play.

29. Two dampers open on the triple chimney. The metal flue pipes begin to glow with the heat.

30. Temperature reached - now to keep it at 1300 for the next 18 hours.

31. Midnight and the team talk into the early hours.

32. The next morning and the flames are still blazing.

33. Olsen "blasting" the kiln by heavy stoking - the last one of the firing.

34. The last smoke rises into the sky.

35. The Fire Magic team.