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Fire Magic Symposium 2001
building the chimneys

1. The chimneys are made with two layers of brick. The inner layer being from firebrick and the outer skin of red brick.

2. The two chimneys are built up to the damper slots, which are ten courses of brick above the top of the side wall.

3. Constructing the damper slots. Grooves have been cut into the firebrick to provide the space for the metal damper plates.

4. The three damper slots for the triple chimney. The bricks overhang the inner course of brick to anchor them into the outer, red brick skin.

5. The single chimney damper. The lintel bricks are cut at an angle to support the central brick.

6. The bricks for the double skin chimneys are hen continued to be laid as normal.

7. The single chimney. small pieces of kiln broken kiln shelf support the lintel. These will be removed once the mortar has set.

8. The metal box section chimneys are cemented into place on top of the brick flues.

9 Cementing the metal chimney pipes into place. In the foreground the single chimne and te triple chimney in the rear.