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Fire Magic Symposium 2001
Stacking and firing the ICS Noborigama
Leading artist: Maria Geszler

The ICS Noborigama.
This two chamber, bourry firebox kiln is used for saltglaze.


1. The rear shelves of the first chamber are completed.

2. The draw rings and cones are prepared

3. The finished first chamber.

4. Wadding balls used to prevent the work
from sticking to the kiln shelves.
Made from 50% china clay and 50% alumina hydrate.


5. Packing the second chamber.

6. Bricking up the doors. Each chamber has two layers of brick with a layer of fibre insulation between them.

7. Farkas builds the second layer of brick. Note the fibre insulation in between.

8. About half way through the firing.
The night shift - Kim Young Moon, students and a Puli.