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Fire Magic Symposium 2001
Stacking the kiln
Stacking the Fire Magic kiln was a lengthy process - nearly two days. The work of over 20 people went into the kiln providing an interesting stack with such varied pieces.

1. Fred Olsen glazing one of his sculptures.

2. Itsue Ito's slipped dishes

3. Gyorgy Fusz's large sculpture.

4. Itsue Ito applying slips and oxides to her 'hous'.'

5. Bernd Bräutigam spraying ash onto his sculptures.

6. Jakab and Klara carrying some of Maro Kerassiotti's figures to the kiln.

7. Young Moon decorating his thrown bowls.

8. Young Moon's brush decoration.

9. The first pieces are in the kiln.

10. Olsen hopes there will be enough work.

11. The first packing team. The kiln is paked from the two firebox doors at the same time.

12. Passing work into the chamber.

13. Young Moon packing the first stack, above the exit flues of the triple chimney.

14. The first few stacks are about halfway to the top of the chamber.

15. Itsue Ito wadding the bases of the work to prevent the ash sticking the pots together.

16. Fred in the kiln. His expertise is apparent as he directs the packing to take full advantage of the flame paths.

17. Linda Ronsberg packing her way out if firebox number one.

18. The right hand stacks are nearly finished.

19. Maro Kerassiotti placing the last few pieces.

20. Now to complete the left hand side of the chamber.

21. Discussions around the kiln.

22. Olsen finishing off the right side of the chamber.

23. Still more sapce to be filled.

24. When the packing is complete, the grate bars are placed on the cut grooves and spaced equally with shards of kiln shelf.

25. Bricking up the door with small coils of chamotte to bed in the bricks.

26. Bricking up the doors.