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Fire Magic Symposium 2001
laying the foundations and building the walls and flues

1. Planning the size. Bricks are laid on the floor as a guide to the overall dimension and shape of the kiln.

2. The foundations for the fireboxes are dug and the brick firebox bases are laid.

3. During the digging of the foundations many shards of broken pottery were unearthed. Many of these were from very old pots, pre-dating the studio's establishment.

4. Olsen (USA) and Young Moon (Korea), discuss the progress after day one.

5. The base of the kiln is completed and the first course of the walls and flues are being laid.

6. Working out the 3 chimney flue arrangement.

7. On this chimney stack there are three separate flue exits which will form the 3 different chimneys on this side of the kiln.

8. On the opposite side of the kiln there will be only one chimney fed by these two flue outlets.

9. The walls and the flue exits progress.

10. From an initial vertical start the walls begin to slope inward to provide more stability for te roof which will eventually be cast.

11. The walls are progressing well and show the beautiful curved structure of the kiln.

12. The same wall viewed from the inside. You can clearly see the inward slope to the wall.

13. The point where the curved wall join the square flues require a lot of cutting of the bricks and packing to ensure a good seal.

14. The work on the base of the flues nears completion.

15. The span of the flue exit is supported by loose bricks until the cement dries enough to hold.

16. The walls and flues are now completed to the height where the domed roof will be cast over.