Buczkó, "a glassic artist", has a keen interest in the shapes of hieroglyphs and other symbols developed by early cultures. The interest may stem from their simplified yet powerful appearance, in which only the essential elements remain after all the unnecessary factors are removed. His emblematic creations, which have a sense of movement, were inspired by them

Buczkó usually works in glass but is translating his strong forms into the realms of ceramic while on the symposium.

Buczkó does not treat his object singly. He arranges the in various assortments and positions, and he tries to see how they relate to one another and to the space they inhabit. Sometimes, he takes pictures of his works in situ. Then, by adding some lines on the photographs, he tries to create completely different situations in order to investigate the meaning of his forms - and these investigations go back and forth between two-dimensional and three-dimensional worlds.