Curriculum of the Silicate Department of the University of West Hungary, Sopron.

International Ceramics Studio, Kecskemét, Hungary



The sylabus of the department gives a week by week breakdown of the topics dealt with in each area of the curriculum - ceramics, porcelain, glass and concrete technology, Design and production techniques and the history and contextual studies.

Currently the sylabus followed in the department is only available in Hungarian with a short synopsis at the end in English.

Design and Production Techniques
1. Design Practice I
2. Design practice II
3. Scale Drawing and Model Making, Plans and Presentations

Historical and Contextual Studies
4. History of Ceramics and Porcelain
5. History of Glass and Concrete

Materials and Technologies
6. Ceramic and Porcelain Materials
7. Silicates, glazes and clays
8. Production Practice
9. Production Techniques and Surface Pattern
10. Concrete Materials
11. Glass Materials