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"Process has always been  integral to my artistic practice. The studio experience at the ICS 
provided me the great opportunity to explore different ways of making through an unfamiliar
medium. Immersion in
the studio community, having access to demonstrations unique to Hungarian tradition and culture and participating in a dialouge between other artists allowed me to rediscover the core interests essential to my practice while also allowing me to generate
new ways of thinking through process and material".
Ohio student, 2011





Student Exchange

The value of working within a different culture, alongside other international students and experienced professional artists cannot be understated. The International Ceramics Studio actively encourages participation by individual students and student groups.

The studio has an impressive range of facilities, including specialist equipment not usually available to students in normal educational establishments, providing them with increased opportunities and experiences. The highly qualified staff and technicians are available to offer support and guidance. Students have exceptional 24 hour access to workshops and equipment, breaking down the barriers between education, life and art.

Alongside our specialist resident artist staff members, leading Hungarian artists and world-famous artists invited by the Studio also teach while making their own work. Students are able to learn in a supportive and mutually creative way, experiencing philosophy, processes of thought and technical expertise of the masters.

There are acknowledged international artists on the staff at ICS available to assist and advise on a range of technical problems and discuss artistic and aesthethic issues in students work.

International exchange students

You may apply to work at the ICS as an International Exchange Student if your university, college or art school has a bi-lateral agreement with our university department. The terms and conditions of the agreement will apply. In the EU your college or university can make a formal exchange agreement under the Socrates/Erasmus scheme. During your exchange you will live and work in the International Ceramics Studio alongside our own students, visiting artists in residence and invited guest ceramits.

Independent exchange students

If your college or university does not have an exchange agreement with the International Ceramics Studio or the University of West Hungary, Silcate Department it is still possible to study here at the studio. The length of stay is usually one semester but in certain circumstances it can be as short as one month.

Accommodation costs

The cost of accommodation for students is 120,000 HUF for a single room per month. You will also have to budget for the costs of your materials and firings dependent on what you use. The accommodation cost includes clean bed linen and towels, use of the facilities including laundry and kitchens.

Harmony Chapman, KCAI exchange student

our impressive study collection

packing salt kiln



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