During your stay at the ICS you will live in the studio buildings, giving you full access to your workshop and studio space at all times, catering for every work regime you set for yourself. Accommodation is in several restored houses, with most bedrooms on the upper floor. Both houses and studios are central heated and have lounges, communal meeting rooms, kitchens and dining areas where visiting artists can relax and socialise in a beautiful environment.

A variety of 14 single and twin bedrooms.
All rooms have beds, wardrobes, desks and chairs.
Bedlinen and towels is provided in all rooms.
Shared bathroms, showers and toilets in all the houses.
Some en-suite rooms with private bathrooms are available.
Fully equipped kitchens with gas cookers, fridges and microwave ovens.
Cooking pots and pans, crockery and cutlery is provided.
All artists have their own spaces in the cupboards and the refrigerators.
The kitchens have recently been fully renovated and refurbished with new equipment.
Laundry room with washers and dryers.
Large lounge and communal rooms..
WiFi internet in most areas.
The library has extensive collection of ceramic and art books and publications as well as most ceramic journals.

Costs for accommodation include the studio rental, use of all facilities and technical assistance. For price information please see the price list.



Studio space for 24 artists in a variety of single, double and large studio rooms.
Photo silkscreen equipment for direct or indirect transfer printing.
Photo studio equipped with lights and backgrounds for taking pictures of your work.
Exhibition halls and gallery spaces.
A unique international collection of contemporary ceramics.
Lecture theatre.
WiFi internet connection in most areas.


We have a range of kilns available and a variety of fuels. We have wood burning kilns of various sizes and types including salt and soda glazing. Our technicians will pack and program kilns if required and assist in wood firings.

15 electric kilns
4 gas kilns.
4 wood burning kilns - 2 Olsen fast fire, an Olsen Super E, and a Kusakabe Sasukenei kiln.
Raku and oil raku kilns for with a variety of reductions.

Plaster Workshop

Our plaster room is fully equipped and our technicians are available to advise in mould making. If you require a full mould making service then we can provide this at an extra cost.

3 professional plaster wheels.
Marble casting table.
Fan assisted drying cabinets.

If you have any technical questions or need more information regarding the materials or equipment available, please contact us by email -

Kecskeméti Kortárs Művészeti Műhelyek

Kecskemét Contemporary Art Studios


Kápolna u.11,
Kecskemét 6000

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